Jun 11


posted by htiffany

manhatten guide

Jun 11

College Social Media

posted by kgraves

Are colleges using social media correctly? USA Today says these 20 colleges are using it correctly. What do you think?


Jun 11

Testing, testing, 1,2,3.

posted by wsandman

Hello to everyone!  This is my test post to make sure I can make all of my posts correctly for the rest of the quarter.  I guess what I’ll do is a little introduction of myself.

My name’s Wendy (just think Peter Pan) Sandman (just think of the songs).  I’m from a small town in central MA, we have cows and trees, and the closest gas station is six miles.  I say wicked and yest-uh-day more often than people in GA say ya’ll.  I’ve worked in hardware stores for five years and have been waitressing for four.  Since high school I knew I wanted to be in some aspect of design and I love to be able to see everyone’s work (which means I’ll make comments often). Oh, and you’ll probably find out why one of my nicknames is giggles.

I have a Blog and a Behance for right now since I’m in self promo re-designing everything and creating my brand.  If you’d like to find more, just google me!

Jun 11

If you like cartoons then you’ll like this test post

posted by cparks

I will use this test post an opportunity to share something completely unrelated to advertising.

These are cartoon mashups where various recognizable cartoon characters are found intruding in the worlds of other familiar cartoon friends.




Jun 11

Social media keeping you up at night?

posted by scott

If facebook or foursquare is keeping you up at night you might like to stay at a Radisson Hotel from now on. Guest at select locations of the hotel who check in via facebook or foursquare and show their phone at the front desk are able to check out of the hotel 2 hours later than traditionally allowed. I don’t know about you but I always enjoy a few extra hours of sleep especially on vacation!

Click here to read the full article from Mashable.

Jun 11

Ready to work

posted by kcheng

Check out this ad campaign from Levi’s.



Jun 11

test post: hello.

posted by Alexandra

Hello everyone. My name is Alexandra. I have a website. I also have a blog. I also really, really enjoy gifs. Especially gifs of cats.

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