Aug 12

my presentation!

posted by mpaiz

here is my final presentation. (i hope it works)

Maria Paiz presentation from mfpaif_89

Aug 12

Blog Assignment #5- Part 2

posted by cford

2. Resource for Web Development

Here is a great resource for all the web developers out there ;)

This website features a list of content, tools, and resources used to develop websites:

1. Javascript

2. Miscellaneous Tools

3. Hosting

4. Browser Compatibility

5. CSS & HTML Techniques

6. Bookmarkelets

7. jQuery Essential Widgets

8. Grid Design

9. Content Generators

10. jQuery Specialized Widgets

11. Typography

12. Pixel Icons

13. Firefox Extentions

14. Essential Mac Software

15. jQuery “Extensions”


17. Vector Icons

18. Flash Components

19. Backgrounds & Styles

20. SEO/Site Evaluation

21. Domains

22. Analytics, Monitoring & Testing

23. Services

24. Cheat Sheets


Aug 12

Blog Assignment #5- Part 1

posted by cford

1. Responsive and Multi-functional Website:

For the responsive and multi-functional website, I decided to share the website for Regions Bank. Regions is a southern based bank out of Alabama and stands firmly at the 22nd largest bank in the United States. I have a friend that uses this bank, which is why I have chosen to share it. Regions has created both a desktop, smartphone, and mobile phone website, that is very functional and easy to use in any location. What I like about the mobile website, is that it allows you to choose whether or not you would like to visit the main website or the mobile website. The mobile website is very straight forward and simply has four choices for the on-the-go person, whereas the desktop website allows the user has a large quantity of options.

Aug 12

Blog Assignment #5: Responsive

posted by Matt Morrison

1) Pelicanfly is the portfolio site for Sam Quayle. The reason I chose this as my example is due to the clean adjustable layout and style used across both mobile and desktop.
2) An AMAZING article was posted on Noupe.com, “100 Essential Web Development Tools”. This is basically a textbook of helpful information relating to web development. Some of the tools included are image manipulation, charts and graphs, and progress bars.


Aug 12

Typography usage

posted by cford


This is another website that I will be using for inspiration. This website combines and uses some great typography. Typography, one of my main struggles, will be hard for this project, but I want to make it perfect. I think this website does such a great job.





Aug 12

A few Ideas

posted by cford

For my website design, I am trying to focus on simplicity. www.Crocs.com is a very confusing and horrible to visually navigate. My main goal is to help the user identify with the specific tabs and pages as if they did not have to consider what they are for. I like how this first in which I have included, uses icons to help the user identify with the specific tab in which they are going to click and better allows them to understand it’s use.


Aug 12

Inspiration for my site!

posted by mpaiz

for my site I definitely want to use handwritten types to give it the feel of the sharpie liquid pencil and to make it match with my campaign. here are some examples of sites that have this hand done quality and hand written text.

Aug 12

Assignment #4: Project 3 Inspiration

posted by Matt Morrison

Example 1
1) Overlapping logo with featured area – I always have a hard time incorporating a logo with the rest of a site design. I usually get frustrated with any creative solutions and throw the logo top left. Came across a site for a tea company called ‘Little Sparrow’. On their page, they did a very nice job integrating their logo with the featured area.

2) Contrasting type styles has always been somewhat of a mystery to me as a designer. Every time I try it, the font’s never come together in harmony. Found a culinary website by the name of ‘Gilt Taste’ who have a contrasted a bold sans-serif with a clean serifed font. These fonts may not work when used together for a specific design but I feel like they work well together as header-subhead-copy fonts.

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