Feb 13

Wedsite Inspiration

posted by dlafreniere


I am looking at these two websites more for their art direction. The image based website I am using as inspiration for my homepage landing spot which will be primarily an image, and for the second one I’m using for my main navigation once the use is past the homepage landing spot.

Feb 13

Blog #5 Inspiration

posted by btetrick

This is a really awesome website I would like to take ideas from. It’s hard to understand from the screen shot, but this is a one page slide website. There are background photos that show through as you scroll down which is a really cool feature.

I chose this website because of the use of text hierarchy. I don’t love every typeface they used, but the difference in the sizes and typefaces makes this page interesting. The layout of the page is clean and simple which is what I want my website to be.


Feb 13

Web Inspiration

posted by ldanford

Future of Car Sharing Maryland Craft Beer Festival

I have been considering doing a website that scrolls for navigation, like this Future of Car Sharing website.

For my Orangina campaign, I am using bright, highly saturated colors which is kind of difficult to make it look nice. I think this Maryland Craft Beer Festival website does it well and it is also responsive.

Feb 13

Web inspiration

posted by ksamples

For my site, I really want to use a full screen image as the background since my products involves different cities. I want the images and color to change according to each city of each package.

This site is an example of a full screen background image that slides.

I also want to use large type so it mimics a poster on your screen. Here is one website I found that uses large type as the title of the page.

Feb 13

Inspirational Web Designs

posted by nalexander

Soup Agency is an ad agency in Rome and they have an awesome site. It’s a fun and user friendly format with the navigation placed on the right hand side instead of the traditional on the top navigation. I also like how the site doesn’t take the user to another page, it just scrolls. It’s fun and exciting and definitely a big inspiration to my Scotch campaign. http://www.soupagency.it

I really love simplistic websites. It’s visually appealing and easy to navigate. Poketo is a clothing store and their site is user friendly but also fun and inviting.

Feb 13

Blog #5 Website Inspiration

posted by lbarrows

For the inspiration of my site i want to take the general design style and feel of the amber ale website. The colorscheme is very similar to my product and i think it would worl well. also, i was just really drawn to the home button on the website with the car. finally, Im my ads for this product my primary source of art direction was type. I really like the type the bubbly page has, not that my type will be the same but just for inspiration purposes.

Feb 13

Some Inspiration

posted by kphelan


I really liked this portfolio site. It is very simplistic and uses a one page scroll. I was thinking about also doing a one page website. I think that less is more with websites, and I am struggling to make mine as simple as this one. I tend to over think the design and get carried away.




This is another example that I used as inspiration. I really liked how the website has two constant things that stay in place while the user scrolls. The continuing background image pulls the entire site together. Again, this site is very simple, making it easy to navigate and understand.

Feb 13

Inspirational Elements

posted by cnevada

One of the elements that I really would like to include are expandable boxes that change when you click on them. On the Handel med Afrika site, you can see this idea, but it is actually in rollovers. I think the idea of expandable boxes would create dynamism while maintaining a relative simplicity. As well, I don’t want the user to be taken to a separate page when they click on the boxes, but for them to rearrange to bring the focus on the element they are working with.

Another element I want to include is a scrolling page. I would really like for the users to be able to navigate quickly and easily through the different products, while allowing them to maintain control of navigation. As you can see on the One Design portfolio, there are many ways to navigate. You can use the top navigation. You can navigate through the links on the page. You can navigate through the buttons on the right and bottom. You can navigate through your arrow buttons. The sliding effect as well I think would be really beneficial to allow dynamism.

Feb 13

to mimic.

posted by efong

I liked google play-music webpage’s art direction. It was minimalistic and clean but had effective use of the colours as navigation. What I particularly liked was the function of the navigation: the transition to the next page via the animated lines, I hope to use something similar to that effect but substitute the travelling lines with domino tiles like in coke’s domino mini-website:

On one of my webpages I hope to do a tracking graphic which shows details about the person who contributed the domino tile. Maybe it can have an effect similar to this:

I am growing more inspired but intimidated at the same time:/ I’ll probably do some major cutting down on these effects.

Feb 13

Jell-o pudding face

posted by Brooks Hess

Uses real time twitter feed and looks for emoticons of smiling and frowning faces and the face on the billboard changes to which there is more of. While doesn’t really represent the brand, its does create brand interaction and awareness making it successful.

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