Jan 14

Super Bowl Ad Meter

posted by aellis

So to expand their  Super Bowl Ad Meter program this year, USA Today is analyzing how well high-stake ads perform by each audience segment. It seems like a really neat way to track responses to the ads this year at the Super Bowl.

Read about it on AdWeek here.



Jan 14

Volkswagen: #Polowers

posted by sminami

Volkswagen Polo — “Polowers” case

The Volkswagen Polo, despite being a popular car, wasn’t generating much talk on Twitter. The people at DDB Spain came up with this Twitter race to put the Polo on people’s minds and make it a trending topic. It’s a great concept because people who wanted the car would tweet to put themselves in the race, but since that powered the car forward and the end goal was to be the last tweet when the car stopped, they could keep tweeting multiple times to put themselves back there, which in turn, created more buzz. It’s an interesting way to make people work for what they want, but not too much so they aren’t motivated enough to lift a finger.

Jan 14

Senador Volstead Beer

posted by apierce

This is one of my favorite campaigns that I just recently discovered for another class. I won’t try to explain because it’s complicated, so just watch the case study video below. It’s an excellent form of advertising for a brand that probably had a cult following and they didn’t want to appear as sell-outs. They remained quirky and fun despite trying to boost sales and gain attention.

Jan 14

Quick Relief

posted by hmorand

Considering my flu turned into strep and pneumonia last week, I wish I had known about this earlier

This is an example of a successful partnership between a brand and a startup. Walgreens and TaskRabbit partnered up to deliver cold and flu remedies to those who need them. The program lasts from January 7 to February 18th aka flu season. On the Walgreens app you just choose the medication you need and the delivery time that works best. Then someone will deliver it to your door. This is pretty handy, esp for people who live alone and when you have the flu getting out of bed is the last thing you want to do. Not to mention driving a car is probably not the safest situation.

Here’s a link to the app description.

Jan 14

Wendy’s Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger

posted by bmcwhirk


Wendy’s came up with a truly simple way to get consumers to try a product that may not appeal to everyone. Their new Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger combines the delicousness of a deluxe sirloin burger with one of America’s favorite snacks. Knowing that some people may be hesitant to rush out and try one of the calorie-packed bad boys, they came up with “Wendy’s Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger Love Songs”. Users hashtag their lyrics and mini videos are created depicting their live tweets being sung by overly dramatic actors. It’s funny, it’s easy and it makes me think twice about denying the newest addition to their menu.

Jan 14

Website design

posted by csmith

I stumbled across the Nature Valley website on Pinterest. I thought this home page was simple and well designed. It creates a brand identity immediately with the customer.

Jan 14

Pudding Face Mood Meter

posted by hrand


CP+B created a mood meter powered by tweets. More tweets on the positive side made the billboard smile, and if there were more negative tweets it would frown. If it was frowning Jell-o gave away free pudding. I think this is a very innovative way to use social media, and combine it with outdoor.

Jan 14

Ruffles Airbag

posted by aellis

Sometimes ads are created from a brief, sometimes they aren’t.

When this photo circulated the internet, Ruffles decided to leverage the publicity for their own good.

That’s where SapientNitro stepped in. SapientNitro took 1 negative jpeg and turned it into $3,000,000 in free media. Check out the case study here to see exactly what they did.

Jan 14

Coke Zero Switcheroo!

posted by olivia


Great campaign for a product that is advertising for something in the same company family that claims to have the taste of the original but the calories of…well nothing technically because its coke ZERO. But the lack of sugar is apparently not a cause for lack of taste and this is a great way to prove that. Tricking consumers is hard because you have to make sure they aren’t getting scammed or receiving something they intended to buy with something they did not want. This campaign trick was different because they were invited for the viewing free so they can’t complain! Funny twist.

Jan 14

Chipotle-The Scarecrow

posted by taustin

The Mexican grill chain released a small scale campaign that was very simple yet highly shared and talked about. The campaign consisted of an animated short film accompanied by a smartphone game, both about the industrialised world of processed food. The creative animation shows that as we produce food on very, very large scales on industrial farms and through heavily processed means, there’s a lot of negative consequences. Negative consequences to the animals, the environment, the farmers, and to public health. This small campaign seems to want to inform consumers about how other fast food chains are operating, while at the same time subtly hinting that Chipotle’s processes are more sustainable. It’s saying: this is how other restaurants should be doing it. This campaign achieved its goal of initiating a conversation on the messages of sustainability and showing their commitment.

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