Jul 15

Interactive Campaign.

posted by Jay Trikha

This campaign is definitely not as great as the Coca-Cola Campaign that we saw in class but it is still pretty awesome. McDonalds managed to use a universally hated situation (scorching heat) and managed to spin it in their favor.

Check it out here.

P.S.: Don’t eat McDonald’s after you watch this, it is EXTREMELY unhealthy.



Jul 15


posted by nhanley

here’s a link to a couple digital billboards in Massachusetts. The billboards display the scenery behind them to blend into their surrounding and give comuters a relief from being bombarded with crappy ads.



Jul 15

Target + your social media account

posted by mramsey

I found this interesting, Target is now showing you what to buy based on your social media posts….




Jul 15

One Plus Two Hype

posted by fartaza



First link is a link to the “launch” of the product.
Second is a link to the phone (specs, etc.)

I thought it was interesting that they tried to push an app for a “virtual experience” instead of your “regular old boring keynote”. Now they seem to have removed the link to that… but the app is real, I downloaded it. Here’s the link to the “launch app,” which is in my opinion not very effective or efficient for a product unveiling:


- Francisco A.


Jul 15

Test Post

posted by Jay Trikha

Hello World.

This is Jay.

Here is a link to the extension I was talking about: D&AD Extension


See you at 2:00 in room 108 ;)




Jul 15

Test Post – Adve 253

posted by kloughran

I chose this campaign created by R/GA New York to share with you guys. Created for the Ad Council, this PSA aired around Valentine’s day this year. I had heard of the commercial, but I didn’t realize the expanse the campaign had reached. This recap shows how this video went viral through social media as well as traditional media outlets, but in addition to that showed how the non-profit caused for-profit rival brands to forfeit their Facebooks over to the campaign on Valentine’s day by removing their logos, in addition to promoting the video.

If you haven’t seen the original video I would highly suggest watching it, it’s pretty wonderful.

\”Love Has No Labels\” – R/GA New York

Jul 15

First Post – Cafe Pele

posted by rnino

Hey guys, just posting the first blog entry. I found this article talking about an interactive subway Ad for a Coffee brand in Brazil that yawns whenever people pass by. I thought it was pretty clever, since yawning is contagious, and it reminded me of the Coke video we saw today because they get rewarded with free coffee in the end, and a good experience.

check it out here:


cheers !

Jul 15

First Post – HBO GO Campaign

posted by mbroomfield

Just making sure the blog and everything works. This is a campaign for HBO GO I thought was done really well. I think it’s pretty relatable for a lot of families out there, and the copy/script is pretty funny too, especially with the awkward quiet moments.



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