Aug 14

10 Examples

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Think Small

It was an advertising campaign for the Volkswagen Beetle, created by Helmut Krone with the copy written by Julian Koenig at the Doyle Dane Bernbach (DDB) agency in 1959. It was ranked as the best advertising campaign of the twentieth century by Ad Age, in a survey of North American advertisements. The campaign has been considered so successful that it “did much more than boost sales and build a lifetime of brand loyalty [...] The ad, and the work of the ad agency behind it, changed the very nature of advertising—from the way it’s created to what you see as a consumer today.”


5 Possible solutions:

1. projection/screen wall on the Street

2. Camera apps

3. Interactive screen

4. Interactive camera

5. Interactive Bus shelter

Federal Express’ “Fast talker”

Year: 1982

Agency: Ally & Gargano

Thirty years after making a name for himself as the fast talker in FedEx’s legendary ad campaign, John Moschitta unleashed his manic mouth on the world once more with a series of ads for JetBlue.


5 Possible solutions:

1. Game machine

2. Interactive screen wall

3. Interactive screen wall game, phone controlled

4. Digital shelter

5. Interactive bus


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