Oct 16

Don’t Look Away//Usher//AKQA

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Hello, class.

One of my favorite campaigns of recent that involve an emerging use of technology is the launch of Usher’s song/video/experience “Don’t Look Away”.

I roll in my bed some nights thinking that as a copywriter, I will sometimes have to be the voice of rapacious companies that will further extend the gap between the rich and the poor, but examples like this are the ones that make me think that there are some pearls hidden in the mud after all.

For the release of his song “Chains”, Usher recruited the help of São Paulo-based agency AKQA to launch a video-based experience online named “Don’t Look Away”. The song, a chilling protest against racial profiling of blacks as criminals in the urban landscape of the United States was overimposed with testimonials of victims of police brutality. With the use of facial recognition technology, the website was able to recognize if the user looked away from the scene and would stop the video in response.

You can access the case study in the link below:


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