Jan 17

Innovative Social

posted by cbengoa

For my innovative use of social media campaign, I chose Pinterest’s Real-World Pins campaign. I find this creative since they brought their main action to real life objects. People would ‘pin’ anything they see at a store and this pin would be saved to a virtual Pinterest board. How do they know who’s board to pin to? Well, they used what they call BLE, Bluetooth Low Energy, to connect with a ‘pin list’ app that the shopper has to download.



For my campaign that instantly rewards people, I chose Heineken’s Departure Roulette. I find this daring, bold, and incredibly creative. For a brand that’s so big, sparing a couple of bucks on their current/potential customers. For Heineken’s market this is perfect, they’re looking for people that are willing to take a risk, drop everything, and change their destination. They instantly reward their customers with probably the best experience they’re going to get – and for FREE!




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