Sep 18

CSS Color Tricks/Cheats

posted by msimon23

Hello everyone!

I’m sharing some quick ways (aka cheat codes) to add some color to web building through CSS ! Basically all colors on the screen are RGB (a mix of red,green and blue) and the way it is coded in it’s simplest form as we learned today is with the element background-color: insert_colorname_here;

but you can also manually input the rgb or hexcode

1.with the (almost) infinite palette of rgb it would be: (where the 0′s can be replaced ofc.)

body {     background-color: rgb(0,0,0);    }

2.with the hexcodes it would be: (where the 0′s can, also, be replaced)

body {     background-color: #000000;    }


So here is a list of some that give all 3 options of coding:

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