Sep 18

Social Media Campaign

posted by lrober29

I came across this brand in my instagram feed as “recommended for me” and for once it actually really caught my attention. This brand called “Billie” is making razors and skincare products for women who do and do not shave. They came up with “Project Body Hair” which is meant to introduce a more realistic view of women’s bodies into the media and establish themselves as the first razor brand that shows female body hair. I thought that although the premise was kind of done before with using a simple hashtag, I felt that the voice that the brand has as well as the “cool girl” aesthetic are both right on the money and grab my attention simply because it’s relatable, and it looks like how you probably wish your instagram feed would look. Overall the art direction is great and gives off a small, independent, strong-female vibe and I enjoyed looking through the hashtags, because I thing they used it in a pretty unique way and communicated to their target audience in a great, simple and effective way.


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