Sep 18

Integrated Social Media Campaign Research

posted by zbowen20

I looked at a few campaigns from companies like Urban Decay, McDonalds, Apple, and Qdoba. I just wanna note some things I thought were interesting. Urban Decay for example teamed up with a festival to create festival looks with their makeup. They target a particular audience that already paid for the event that would probably like tips. It’s smart to team up with another company, but also they already had a solid base. Qdoba got consumers interested in making decisions for the company by voting for flavors. McDonalds released tweets during the super bowl talking about their competitors when their commercials came on. So they are all using time very wisely. Another company I’d like to mention is Fashion Nova. They found a way to embed themselves into content that we always watch like funny videos from comedians and creating relatable memes. I think this is a very smart way to interact with the consumers. Now do I think all of these are amazing, not necessarily – a lot of them are quite basic and known to have worked in the past. And fashion nova isn’t exactly doing a campaign, but I think their interaction is interesting.

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