Oct 18

Interactive Campaigns & Emerging Tech

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Noteworthy Interactive Campaigns

The following campaigns connect with consumers and keep them coming back again and again:


Soundtrack for Your Ride for Uber + Spotify: Uber has already pushed the idea of being everyone’s personal driver. To personalize the experience more, they partnered up with Spotify to let you play your favorite playlists while on a ride. If you use Uber frequently and enjoy music, this is something you’d come back to again and again, or perhaps make you choose an Uber over a Lyft for a longer ride.


Cheetos Museum by GS&P: With options to submit your Cheetos masterpieces for weekly recognitions and a grand prize of $25000 for the greatest rare Cheeto, this campaign keeps you coming back for more.


Dumb Ways to Die for Metro, by McCann Melbourne: Kicked off with a viral video PSA complete with lovably morbid characters and a catchy song, this campaign is still recognized by many individuals today. To keep people coming back for more, Metro released variations of the original PSA, including DWTD 2, DWTD Americaland, a karaoke version, and more. They also came out with a video game for mobile devices.


Interesting Emerging Technology

Drone Delivery could take Uber Eats and other delivery services to the next level, taking products to consumers on an automated basis.


Face Recognition: “The new fingerprint, it’s a newer form of biometric authentication that began its rise to prominence in 2014. Researchers are currently working on perfecting the technology to ensure that faceprints could be used in more sensitive transactions, like banking. It could be used in the future for security purposes (no need for an ID or access card when you already have your face with you at all times).


Voice Prints: Like faceprints and fingerprints, voiceprints are an identifier. They’re a sets of characteristics that can be used ID your voice; not even master voice-imitators can fool the newest recognition software. Such tech could be used to create personalized interactions based on voice


Personality & Character Recognition: According to the Future Today Institute, there are “emerging predictive analytics tools wrangle your data, behavior and preferences in order to map your personality—and predict how you’re likely to react in just about any situation.” They have the potential to determine how to persuade individuals on a case-by-case basis. They can also detect consumer emotional state in real time, and potentially help determine the best time to make an argument for a brand.


Ambient Proximity: Bluetooth, but on a broader scale. Ambient proximity interactions happen when users connect and interact with beacons around them that are powered by short-range radio tech, and could be used to create location-based experiences.


AI that Detects Bullying: With AI improving at a rapid rate, Instagram introduced it to its comment filters to help pick out problematic or offensive content– particularly hurtful bullying. Though AI still struggles occasionally with human nuance and subtlety, it is a step in the  right direction.



Future Today Institute, 2018 Tech Trends Report.


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