Oct 18

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posted by senada

There is an emerging tech that allows mirrors to be brutally honest. Naked labs is designing a mirror that reads height, weight, BMI, measurements, all in 15 seconds, creating an accurate 3D model on the users phone. It’s a full-length mirror equipped with an array of 3 Intel RealSense depth sensors designed to accurately capture the body in all its glory. It’s created for the athletes and hard core fitness enthusiasts tracking their head-to-toe measurements and body fat percentage with a greater level of accuracy than formerly available at home scales. You can rotate the 3d model to see the overall body structure and it uses a proprietary algorithms to calculate body fat percentage. The app is connected through bluetooth, allowing an overview of progress and truth of what the body truly looks like. It’s for people with a healthy mind and a healthy pocket, and it may lead to a new wave of in home fitness and people finally seeing their body for what it truly is.

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