Jun 11

Testing, testing, 1,2,3.

posted by wsandman

Hello to everyone!  This is my test post to make sure I can make all of my posts correctly for the rest of the quarter.  I guess what I’ll do is a little introduction of myself.

My name’s Wendy (just think Peter Pan) Sandman (just think of the songs).  I’m from a small town in central MA, we have cows and trees, and the closest gas station is six miles.  I say wicked and yest-uh-day more often than people in GA say ya’ll.  I’ve worked in hardware stores for five years and have been waitressing for four.  Since high school I knew I wanted to be in some aspect of design and I love to be able to see everyone’s work (which means I’ll make comments often). Oh, and you’ll probably find out why one of my nicknames is giggles.

I have a Blog and a Behance for right now since I’m in self promo re-designing everything and creating my brand.  If you’d like to find more, just google me!

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