Jul 11

A Thin Line

posted by kgraves

A thin line

This website is by MTV and they are trying to reach out to the younger audience to get them to understand some of their actions. It is a good website because you can read others stories and post yours own so hopefully some of the stories will hit some and change. You can go to the map and pick the state your from then it will show you area codes of where people have “drawn a line”. If you click on one it shows peoples stories such as, “I just called someone out for abusing a friend.” It is interesting to see what is going on around your community.

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  1. wsandman Says:

    This is a really nicely put together website. Everything is interesting subtly designed, even in the fact that it’s really only designed in two colors, the black and yellow, with a spot color of red. I love the whole idea of the website as well in trying to teach kids the right thing.

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