Jul 11

Movie minisite.

posted by scott

I have the bad habit of anticipating upcoming movies and then somehow always missing them when they finally make it into the theater… this is one such movie. Over the weekend I was trying to find out when it would be released on DVD (to no avail) and stumbled across the minisite for the movie. Don’t let the completely sub-par flash into page dissuade you from going to the actual site which has, in my opinion, some really good interactivity. From a seamless trailer that plays in the background (and expands without stopping to fit your browser window) to the cross hairs that appear and give you more information about the movie this minisite does a good job of branding the movie Hanna.

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  1. kcheng Says:

    Nice to use. the art direction came straight from the movie, and it was a good movie. I love the type choice.

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