Jul 11


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What’s up my advert brethren? Let’s get down and dirty with Alexandra’s crazy mad resource hook-up. I’m about to blow your mind with the amount of free swag I’m about to unload on your respective computer-boxes.


Alright, first off, here are some not-so-well-known open-source type collections. For when you want free fonts, but you don’t want Bleeding Cowboys.


Seriously, with a name like that, who could say no? The League of Movable Type makes you feel like you’re apart of some undercover hipster conspiracy, but like, with kerning and stuff. Keep an eye on these bros, they’re great!



The Lost Type Co-Op is another really cool open-source font database for fonts that are actually really really well-done, and won’t make your project look like it was designed by a 13-year-old with social anxiety.






So I basically live for Photoshop brushes. It’s a sad life, I know, but nothing gets me more amped than finding a massive resource of really nice high-res brushes. Don’t know how to install brushes to PS? It’s easy. Just make a folder for yourself somewhere on your computer (where you will remember it) and name it “brushes” or something, then just double-click on the .abr file and it will automatically install itself to your PS. Magic!



I know, I know, not the most creative of names, right? Well, despite it’s very shady and less-than-legit appearance, brushesdownload.com is one of the biggest single resources of brushes, patterns and other miscellaneous Photoshop goodies I’ve found thus far. GO NUTS.

PS: If the link is down, don’t worry, I think they’re messing with the site right now.






Textures are the unsung heroes of good design work. A subtle, properly used texture can make your ho-hum design into HOT DAYUM! Seriously you guys, no lie.



I have been a loyal user of this cgtextures.com for years. They have tons of really nice, high-quality stock textures that you can access for free (you have to make an account but it’s totally worth it!). There are daily limits but as long as you aren’t trying to download A BILLION things at one time it’s no big deal. Also, if you pay a little more, you can get access to REALLY HUGE files and get tiling patterns as well.



And of course, where would we be without our arbitrary cat gif of the week!? No where, that’s where.

no man i feel fii—… whoa man i am FREAKIN OUT


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