Aug 11

Alternative Social Media

posted by htiffany

One up and coming alternative social media site, is one I hope most everyone is already familiar with, because it’s awesome. Tumblr is one of the quickest simplest and most refined blogging resources which seamlessly integrates and encourage social media aspects. I’m on Tumblr daily. I post on my own tumblr most days.

This is what my personal tumblr page looks like. A lot of people only get this far. They see a blog, and don’t investigate further, they assume tumblr is just another way of posting and maintaining a personal blog page.

Most people don’t really understand tumblr. Most of its functionality is hidden until you are actually a user yourself. Through these screen shots of my personal Tumblr feed, hopefully I can bring some awareness to the more social aspects of tumblr. In my feed is every post from everyone I follow. All of my friends, favorite brands, art directors. Even high fashion brands have tumblrs, letting other people in the tumblr community early keep up with the latest trends with a follow.

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