Aug 11

Designing for Dyslexia

posted by cparks

It’s nice to a typeface that truly exhibits the capacity for great function while also preserving a beautiful form that’s literally easy on the eyes. Designer Christian Boer, a diagnosed dyslexic, set out on a quest to create a typeface that could be easily read by other people with dyslexic. In doing so he created Dyslexie, an extraordinary set of type that was designed according to the way dyslexics read words and see letters. Honestly, the video does the best job of explaining it, so give it a look. I will say that video is fairly painful because there isn’t background music, but hey, turn on your Pandora first. Problem solved. Now shut it and look. Read the full article here.

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  1. scott Says:

    As someone who has had to live with this problem I appreciate the effort being made… the font, however, looks like a little kids handwriting which wouldn’t appeal to me in long text blocks or a book. I think this idea could be translated into a more mature cleaner font as well… for younger kids this font is great. The heavier weight on the bottom of the letters creates the illusion of underlining which helps with what is one of my biggest issues with dyslexia… jumping line to line inside paragraphs.

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