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If it’s on facebook, is it a minisite?

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In class, we discussed the difference between a microsite and a minisite.┬áMinisites “are 2 or 3 pages centered around a promotion.” The example above is an example of a promotion for Downy. And if you consider the buttons/links in the facebook page, then it can be said that it has 2 or more pages. However, since it’s housed in facebook, can it still be considered a minisite? Or is it catalogued as facebook page or app? My guess is that it’s just a minisite that’s using tools already available and it’s using a more affordable option as well (or at least I believe is more affordable). What do you think?

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  1. rtheberge Says:

    I think it should be considered a mini-site within facebook. It serves the same purpose just lives in a different hub. I think these are more successful anyway since everyone lives and breathes the book.

  2. admin Says:

    It’s a good point, because as social media sites like facebook expand their capabilities, it’s interesting to see how people are using the custom tabs and apps. Most of the time you are seeing basically a smaller version of the minisite in these places. But some are pushing that further and using these social media outlets as minisites. Like the Dodge Journey campaign that was mentioned in class. It uses YouTube as a one stop shop for the campaign. http://www.youtube.com/dodge

  3. bharrison Says:

    I think I should be considered a minisite. With the way facebook is being used by most companies it seems right.

  4. Lina Says:

    Yes I have been looking for many and only the nation one had a minisite. The rest of them have been using Facebook which I don’t consider such a smart move.

  5. Zak Bam Says:

    I feel like a minisite and a facebook page are different. They may be used in the same way, but they arn’t the same thing in my mind.

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