Sep 11

MY BOYFRIEND’S (justin timberlake) Facebook PHOTO CONTEST

posted by rtheberge


Los Angeles digital agency Talenthouse is using a facebook photography contest to build buss for Timberlake’s new film, “In Time.” Users can submit photos they have taken that show “every moment counts” (going with the film’s concept) for a contest to have their photo be Justin Timberlake’s profile picture for a month. Everytime somoene submits a photo, he/she is shown a trailer for the film..

interesting way of combining movies and facebook, dontcha think?

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  1. dhernandez Says:

    I agree! I like it because its a new concept but it’s using existing media. It’s also a good way to generate buzz about the movie considering that they are using social media (the best vehicle to make anything viral) to promote it.

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