Oct 11

Tea Partay!

posted by kdiehl

So sadly they minisite is not longer active for this campaign because it was from 2006. But I did find a site that has a screen shot of it so you can get the general idea of the site. Smirnoff Tea Party- Made a music video and posted it on youtube about their raw tea drink. They also made other videos for their other tea mixes. The video directed viewers to the minisite and also facebook page.
Here is the screen shot of the minisite.

YouTube Video

Facebook Page

2 Responses to “Tea Partay!”

  1. bharrison Says:

    this is absolutely hilarious. I’m pretty sure I remember when this came out.

  2. dhernandez Says:

    Oh yeah, this I think will be remember for a while. Its was pretty catchy and got people talking about it, even today.

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