Oct 11

Tweet much?

posted by kreeks

Mercedes Benz Tweet Race

Razorfish teamed up with Mercedes Benz and created a tweet race for them last February. The campaign had almost 30,000 active participants with over 72,000 Facebook Fans and 77,000 Twitter Followers who generated over 150,000+ tweets to power the cars. The campaign videos generated about 2 million views, while the twitter reach pushed over the 25 million mark. It’s a great example of a company using a particular type of social media that makes sense. It goes hand and hand with the campaign and produced great results!

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  1. rtheberge Says:

    This is brilliant. I think it works because not only are the cars fueled by tweets but there was a call to action for users to be the “racers”. This strategy is smart because it calls to the racers to spread the word to their family and friends rather than the company itself trying to spread the word. They want to win the race to they ask their friends to tweet for support. SMART!

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