Oct 11

Whopper Sacrafice

posted by rtheberge

The Whopper Sacrifice – Burger King

This social media campaign was executed through Facebook. Burger king called to users to sacrafice 10 friends in order to get a free Whopper. Users would have to “delete” 10 friends to get a coupon for a free Whopper. I think this campaign was successful because it involves a social media, Facebook, that the target audience uses multiple times daily. It does not ask the user to do much in order to get involved, which is a good aspect of this campaign. The campaign is unique that it asks users to sacrifice something for a free burger. Quite whimsical but entertaining at the least.

2 Responses to “Whopper Sacrafice”

  1. bharrison Says:

    I remember this and I love it mainly because the act of deleting your friends for a burger is awesome and carries the same voice that BK has/had… I heard FB pulled this?!

  2. dhernandez Says:

    This was such a successful campaign that facebook asked BK to discontinue that promo. Ha!

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