Mar 12

Adobe Typekit – Web Typography just got a whole lot more interesting

posted by kberg


Adobe Typekit

Back in the olden web days you were limited to a very few boring webfonts but not anymore! This is a tool adobe rolled out allows you to insert any font into your website through this simple code insert which you can then manage your fonts through this nifty an account on their website which will update your code automatically (theres actually another way to do this manually yourself through a CSS trick of “@font” that you can look up on the CSS3.info I posted earlier but this is a easier alternative and adobe has some COOL fonts) The free account allows you access uploads of two fonts at a time.

Why is something like this important you may ask? Well normally in the days of old school web design if you wanted to use say a decorative font browsers wouldn’t recognize like Zebrawood or something you’d have to upload its use an image, NOT good for universal accessibility, we like to try and make all our text actual text instead of images. This is where Adobe Typekit could give all you typographically daring designers a hand, enjoy.

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