Jul 12

Blog Assignment #2: Browser tools & Javascript

posted by cford





The above link will redirect you to a great website that reviews top CSS Browser Tools. I found that a lot of them will be helpful, as many of them allow you to edit as you are on the web, very similar to FireBug.




I found a great resource for excellent and basic Javascript tools as well as a great website that showcases the hard work!







The link above will take you to a great website that gives very thorough examples of ways to incorporate Javascript. Though this was posted in 2009, it appears to me that a lot of these tools still apply. A category that stuck out to me specifically is ‘Image Manipulation and Graphing’. As designers, we will need to create the look just as much as the functionality.














The link above showcases work done by people all over the world who put Javascript to good use. I found this site very useful, because it demonstrates that something, so frustrating to many, can actually have some great outcomes.


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