Aug 12

Assignment #4: Project 3 Inspiration

posted by Matt Morrison

Example 1
1) Overlapping logo with featured area – I always have a hard time incorporating a logo with the rest of a site design. I usually get frustrated with any creative solutions and throw the logo top left. Came across a site for a tea company called ‘Little Sparrow’. On their page, they did a very nice job integrating their logo with the featured area.

2) Contrasting type styles has always been somewhat of a mystery to me as a designer. Every time I try it, the font’s never come together in harmony. Found a culinary website by the name of ‘Gilt Taste’ who have a contrasted a bold sans-serif with a clean serifed font. These fonts may not work when used together for a specific design but I feel like they work well together as header-subhead-copy fonts.

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  1. mpaiz Says:

    I agree with you, I think the typefaces in the :Gilt taste” website do work together, I think the cleanness and simplicity of the site helps

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