Sep 12


posted by charris

When on Smashing Magazine I found this article about creatively designed flash websites. This was awesome to flip through to see the different things you can do with flash. Some of the websites are outlandish and they got pretty crazy with their flash but some kept it simple. It was a nice reference to see how flash can be incorporated into a website.

Matthias Dittrich’s portfolio website is constructed with flash. It’s simple layout is easy to navigate and engaging. You can navigate though scrolling with the arrows or with your mouse, the multitude of options makes the website user friendly. Also when clicking on different links the animation is fun. It is not static and keeps your eye moving. The animations are fun and flows through the page, there are no awkward breaks. It’s entertaining to just scroll through his different works to see the use of animation and information provided.

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  1. aheinemann Says:

    This is such a cool way of displaying portfolio work without the typical left-hand table of contents panel. I also love that he put an icon next to the cursor telling you what movements to do to scroll through the site. I hate when I get to a site then have no idea what to click on or how to move around in it.

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