Oct 12

SCC so far

posted by aherzog

For my site I’m expanding on the Summer Crustache Consortium, a fictitious company I created through a series of psa posters for guys growing beards in the summer. I’ve expanded it into a members only clothing brand that also offers deals through other companies that are part of the association.



This is the home page there will be an embedded player that goes through, “NEVER STOP GROWING” which is the mission statement of the SCC, there is a log in for returning members and an option to join and learn more.



This is a secondary home page. It’s a blog/current events page for all things concerning the SCC



This is where the non members would go when they were prompted to join us. This page offers an explanation of what the SCC is about and certain words will be interactive.



This is the shop page where you can purchase things that are produced by the SCC as well as goods available exclusively to SCC members through third party associates around the world.

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