Oct 12

24 Hour Fitness “Accept The Challenge” Mini-site

posted by aheinemann

24 Hour Fitness Accept the Challenge mini-site. This site is all about the live fitness challenges that 24HF will be setting up nationwide that encourages anyone and everyone to feed their competitive side and join the new social network. This design is a one-page scroll site. There are 4 main pages with a buffer of about 300px in between pages. Here we see the overview of the entire site, then each page in numerical order. The kettlebells are the main sticky footer navigation that will stay locked on the bottom of the page. The scrolling design is meant to give the illusion of panning vertically along a gym floor past all sorts of 24HF gym equipment.












One Response to “24 Hour Fitness “Accept The Challenge” Mini-site”

  1. mrogers Says:

    I think the one page scroll goes well for this website. You also do a very good job in letting the viewer have a more user-friendly experience.

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