Jan 13

Braniff’s Flying Colors Campaign

posted by ldanford

Braniff - Blue color scheme Braniff - Orange color scheme Braniff - Beige color scheme Braniff - Aqua color scheme


For starters, ignore the image in the slider. During class we decided to go a new route (I thought we MUST display print ads, I was wrong!) where each slide will kind of encourage the viewer to do the “payoff” items. There is one interactive payoff (flight simulator), one just-for-fun (site wide color change) and one to display Pucci’s work in the campaign, but remember that he is a celebrity at this time.


For starters, the promotion is the “Flight Simulator” where you can take a virtual flight. I am looking for a new name for this, any suggestions would be helpful. When you take the virtual flight on any of their routes – it will be very colorful, streaks of color flying through the sky, etc. to make it very 60s/70s-esque. This can then be recorded, shared, etc.


You will also notice little color icons at the bottom. I have not yet created it, but right above that will be a little statement encouraging the viewer to click the buttons to change the whole site’s color scheme. These are the colors that Braniff painted their planes during this campaign. I haven’t decided if they should stay colored or if you only see the color on rollover and active. Also, I plan for link colors or rollovers to reflect the pages color scheme as well.


The “Emilio Pucci” page will display the different aspect that Pucci designed during the campaign. This will be reflected in slide 2 – highlighting his collaboration on the project. It will show the space age helmets, stewardess outfits, scarves, the seat fabrics, etc.


Please give me your honest critique especially if you feel text is too big or something that leads it to look like a mockup and not a real website. If it doesn’t feel like a website yet – let me know what you think will help it. Thank you!

2 Responses to “Braniff’s Flying Colors Campaign”

  1. efong Says:

    I really like the background patterns and colours! For the font size of the twitter feed, I think it could be reduced a little. I like the image used in the slider though, maybe just remove the copy and move the “introducing the airstrip” bit so that it doesn’t eat into the model’s head? And maybe include slider buttons too? Otherwise I think the colourful nature goes with the brand, so you’re heading the right direction! :)

  2. ksamples Says:

    I love the idea of the viewer being able to change the entire site color and click the different ones. I think that it a really great simple touch that adds interaction with the site.

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