Jan 13

Updated from previous post

posted by kphelan

Here is a more updated version of my previous post. I still need to create the actual slider. and just in case you didnt read my previous post, everything that is gray and can roll over/link- changes to color when rolled over.

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  1. efong Says:

    Hi there! I think it looks polished and sophisticated – very Mac. Its great that you gave it a wood background instead of a metal texture, it makes the brand less ‘cold’ in a way, which is what you’re going for :) Will the rainbow buttons be static? Would it be better that they were grayed out but when the slider changes or when there’s a roll-over the colour turns back on? But I get that you want a rainbow element repeated for cohesion in the website, so that suggestion may not work out. Just wondering aloud though. Otherwise it’s looking good!

  2. kphelan Says:

    Thank you! and thanks for the suggestion! Im still deciding if I want the feature area to be in color or not (along with the buttons). Idk what to do!

  3. cnevada Says:

    I’d definitely say to leave the center in black and white. It will fit more into the scheme and look. Maybe if you have the buttons and/or typography in the center have color as well that might work. But I’d have to see the images along with all of that to know for sure. Looks super sleek so far.

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