Jan 13

Choice of a New Generation

posted by cnevada

So I decided to totally switch gears. here is the current look of my new front page for Pepsi’s old “Choice of a New Generation” back in the 80s. This digital campaign focuses on a competition for people to submit mashups and remixes to win the chance at DJing at a big club.

2 Responses to “Choice of a New Generation”

  1. ksamples Says:

    It definitely seems like you’re a lot more into this one than the wendy’s one you had…I think its really great! The slider is really well integrated into the rest of the page. Everything is so bold and vibrant, except for the top jams section…maybe experimenting with the blue arrows a bit more would help it pop more?

    I think it looks really great overall though!

  2. kphelan Says:

    I really love this one! It has alot going on but it isnt overally busy at all. The only thing I would suggest is spicing up the main nav bar a little bit, maybe creating a cool roll over or something. But than again, it fits really nicely with the choice of a new generation logo in the center.

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