Feb 13

Jell-o pudding face

posted by Brooks Hess

Uses real time twitter feed and looks for emoticons of smiling and frowning faces and the face on the billboard changes to which there is more of. While doesn’t really represent the brand, its does create brand interaction and awareness making it successful.

2 Responses to “Jell-o pudding face”

  1. efong Says:

    Really cute campaign! Campaigns like these make me wonder how far we can exploit technology. Actually, I think it does represent the brand. The brand’s image is light-hearted, fun and caring. It just wants to let people have a better day! If I were on twitter I would just complain and put sad faces all day in order to get a free jelly though. Anyway Great campaign!

  2. ldanford Says:

    This is, of course, genius. I agree with the comment above because like they said in the first part of the video, it’s the “pudding face”.

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