Feb 13

Inspirational Elements

posted by cnevada

One of the elements that I really would like to include are expandable boxes that change when you click on them. On the Handel med Afrika site, you can see this idea, but it is actually in rollovers. I think the idea of expandable boxes would create dynamism while maintaining a relative simplicity. As well, I don’t want the user to be taken to a separate page when they click on the boxes, but for them to rearrange to bring the focus on the element they are working with.

Another element I want to include is a scrolling page. I would really like for the users to be able to navigate quickly and easily through the different products, while allowing them to maintain control of navigation. As you can see on the One Design portfolio, there are many ways to navigate. You can use the top navigation. You can navigate through the links on the page. You can navigate through the buttons on the right and bottom. You can navigate through your arrow buttons. The sliding effect as well I think would be really beneficial to allow dynamism.

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