Mar 13

The new “rock-star” professions

posted by klabbe


The No-Limits Job


This article talks about college grads in their 20s within the creative industry and their recent experiences with jobs and internships. It gives some perspective to the situations we may face in the near future due to certain factors like our accessibility though the Internet and smart phones and the controversies that are arising within creative professions because of it.

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  1. akinnick Says:

    I’m so glad you posted this article, I think it’s extremely relevant seeing as how most of us are seniors and are approaching “the end of the beginning.” This really made me reflect on the lengths I am willing to exceed in order to get a job (whether it be no sleep, low pay, etc.). This also stuck with me because we are currently reviewing the idea that young people today are constantly tethered to their technology and how that affects reality in my Digital Art and Culture class, it’s all very deep seeded stuff. Kudos.

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