Jun 13

CSS and CSS3 reference Apps for Android

posted by amalik

Good morning guys,

Hope everyones weekend is going great so far. These are three apps that I depend on as a quick reference for CSS and CSS3. Even though the apps are pretty simple and they pull the information from the W3C School website, it’s always good to have this information with you on the go. Also the selectors and properties are categorized in a way that makes it easy to find what you’re looking for fast, instead of having to look through the W3C website. I wanted to share CSS resources because there is much more to learn in CSS than html.


CSS Reference

CSS Reference app screenshot

(click on the image to go to Google Play Store)


This is the CSS Reference app, it is a complete resource for CSS properties, selectors and syntax. even though this app isn’t as organized as the next one. If  I were you, and I was just starting to code, I would ignore this and jump right into CSS3. Not that CSS3 is completely different from  CSS 2, but CSS3 has significantly more selectors and great new properties not to mention the new CSS3 animation property.


So with all of this in mind, here is the CSS3 Reference app, it’s much more organized with the promise of a search function in the next update. Which makes it great!


CSS3 Reference

CSS3 Reference app screenshot

(click on the image to go to Google Play Store)


Both apps are free, so if you’re interested go ahead and download them. I don’t know if they have anything similar to this for iOS and I don’t care because iOS is retarded.


I hope this helps. Have a great weekend.

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