Sep 13

NIKE, slider

posted by ccazayouz

I chose Nike as my example because I love to look at their site for inspiration.  The slider on the home page is successful because each slide is simple, clear, not overdone, and goes with the rest of the site.  It’s not intrusive, the viewer has the option to slide through them how they wish. http://www.nike.com/us/en_us/

2 Responses to “NIKE, slider”

  1. wharsch Says:

    The sliders are done really well. The area where the slider meets the navigation is so smooth. Nike has a lot of stuff figured out ha It’s also super cool how some of the images in the sliders are breaking out of their container. Or at least thats what it looks like: “Earn Your Wings” and “Move More. Move Better.” have the elements interaction with the background very well.

  2. lgustavo Says:

    I agree, the slider is really smooth and it goes well with the design of the page. Sleek, simple and elegant design, yet characteristic of the Nike image.

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