Jan 14

Quick Relief

posted by hmorand

Considering my flu turned into strep and pneumonia last week, I wish I had known about this earlier

This is an example of a successful partnership between a brand and a startup. Walgreens and TaskRabbit partnered up to deliver cold and flu remedies to those who need them. The program lasts from January 7 to February 18th aka flu season. On the Walgreens app you just choose the medication you need and the delivery time that works best. Then someone will deliver it to your door. This is pretty handy, esp for people who live alone and when you have the flu getting out of bed is the last thing you want to do. Not to mention driving a car is probably not the safest situation.

Here’s a link to the app description.

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  1. apierce Says:

    Oh this is smart. Can’t wait to see the results of the partnership. I’m sure it will be successful assuming the word got out about it.

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