Feb 14

Coke Zero Sweater Generator

posted by aellis

Coke Zero did a really cool campaign over Christmas this year, asking consumers to tap their inner knitter by designing a holiday sweater via a microsite dubbed Coke Zero Sweater Generator. Using the microsite consumers were able to detail the cut, color, pattern and icons for their sweater, and then encourage their Facebook friends and Twitter followers to vote for their creation. After a few weeks of voting, the 100 sweaters with the most votes were manufactured and shipped to the contest winner.

2 Responses to “Coke Zero Sweater Generator”

  1. hrand Says:

    I like Christmas and Sweaters. What a fun idea! So interactive yes

  2. apierce Says:

    Pretty cool idea. I don’t see how it is very relevant to Coke though. Seems like something any brand could have done. I really like the Coke stuff that is cool AND seems like no one else could have done it (like the Hapiness Machine, etc.)

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