Apr 14

Amnesty International

posted by kadams

In January 2013, New Zealand was named the freest country on Earth. This campaign is meant to be eye opening of the freedoms people take for granted. Amnesty International is supported by only a small few. To increase awareness and support, they used tangible and relevant way of bringing Amnesty’s message home to all New Zealanders through experiencing first hand what it might be like to live without basic human rights. They used a facebook to analyze a person’s timeline and tell them what they would be convicted and punished for.

2 Responses to “Amnesty International”

  1. jchesser Says:

    Wow! This campaign really makes an impact. I think by taking a persons facebook timeline and how your actions could translate in a different society, it directly answers the question of “how does this issue to relate to me?” Which is the issue with a lot of ads that are nonprofit or PSA’s like those really depressing ads for dogs in the animal shelters, people just tune them out. This is definitely one that gives people something to think about, and one that will invite people to engage with it.

  2. cpio Says:

    This campaign shows the harsh realization how NZ society how they take their freedom for granted.I like it.

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