Apr 14

Old Spice

posted by mschoonover

Because of the amazing responses to Old Spice’s Man you wish your man could be commercial, they expanded the campaign online. They utilized Facebook, Twitter and Youtube to further interact with viewers in a more personal way. By using their charming, and fun brand character they answered viewer’s questions in a funny, clever online video channel that exploded on the internet. The campaign allowed Old Spice to further expand their relationship with new customers in an engaging and entertaining way.



Below is the link to the Case study!


Old Spice Resposes Case Study

2 Responses to “Old Spice”

  1. criccio Says:

    I have always been a fan of the Old Spice campaign and this is awesome that they continued it online by using social media so the audience could interact with Isaiah Mustafa.

  2. aweinberg Says:

    I think its awesome how they responded to consumers nearly in real time, because thats is the key to a successful digital campaign.

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