Apr 14

The Museum of Me

posted by lchuba

The “Museum of Me” by Intel lets Facebook users create a visual archive of their posts, like, images, friends, etc. It then allows you to view them as if they were in a museum setting. While beautifully done it does have minor limitations with what is grabs. Some things are less important to you than others and they don’t pick up on everything. But overall, it’s a great tool that is fun to use and share. Post yours on Facebook if you do it. I want to see other peoples Museums!



2 Responses to “The Museum of Me”

  1. jchesser Says:

    I think this is really great, people love for things to be personalized towards them so I think it is a really great way for consumers to interac with Intel. Saw your museum on Facebook, it was pretty cool. :)

  2. mrodriguez Says:

    WOW! ok i definitely loved this…may have cried a bit too haha i loved that it barely talked about the brand it just brought the entire idea back to you after having basically personalized the brand to you. Great stuff :)

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