Apr 14

Bud Light Platinum launch mobile social scavenger hunt

posted by ewitman

Bud Light Platinum and Justin Timberlake have created a scavenger hunt that blends the real world with mobile and social to give fans a chance to win a Platinum Nights trip to see the musician perform.

The scavenger hunt is taking place during Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience World Tour and asks fans to unlock weekly clues via Facebook or QR codes. The weekly prize is two tickets to see Timberlake perform along with travel, hotel, exclusive clubs, spending money and car service.

“With a scavenger hunt you can mobilize consumers to engage in ways that go beyond simple digital interaction,” said Roger Katz, CEO of Friend2Friend, Palo Alto, CA. “Done in the right way, a scavenger hunt can engage users in a way that gets them reinforcing the very behaviors and actions that the brand is interested in propagating (music, beverages, etc.). By emphasizing sharing in the promotion, ensures that those who participate help spread the brand message.

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  1. aweinberg Says:

    Even though concerts and scavenger hunts have become sort of cliche i think this was done very well, like you said.

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