May 14

The Future of Nike FuelBand and Health Wearables

posted by jchesser

I found this article talking about Nike FuelBand and Health wearables and the future of these products. To sum up the article, it basically discusses the lack of brand awareness for some of these products. While Nike FuelBand is the top in this category, only 57% of consumers had heard of the FuelBand and 20% of those consumers, didn’t really know much about it. Ultimately, the question is what is the future for this emerging technology of  wearables. Nike has cut a lot of their staff that are involved with the FuelBand, and some speculate as to whether Nike will partner with Apple to create a “smartwatch with fitness features.” I found this really interesting, as this is an emerging technology, but maybe we haven’t found its full potential yet. I was under the impression this was something people were really into, but based on the statistics in the article it isn’t really catching on. Interesting stuff.

Check out the article at Adweek HERE

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